The Benchwarmers
Monday - Friday, Noon-1pm


The Benchwarmers is a sports talk show with no holds barred. It combines sports with pop culture to form a very opinionated show. Stuart Ashenbrenner, host and producer, is a locally grown guy who has been working in radio for the past 6 years - working as a regular producer and engineer for BiCoastal Media and a regular on the Benton County High School Game of the Week. Alex Kuhn is currently the voice of the Corvallis Knights. He hails from St. Louis and has a degree in journalism and mass communications from the University of Iowa.


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    • Corvallis Knights win the 2013 WCL Championship!

    • Center Enterprises Road Show - 10.25.12

    • The Barbers in Corvallis Road Show - 1.25.13